We are not only your supplier, but your professional marketing assistant.
Have you ever wanted your very own marketing team, available to follow your ideas and needs,
delivering the most professional content to your customers? ORCCO Marketing Support can become
an integral part of your business by supporting you with the highest quality Marketing Material - including print,
digital, web and more - for free or at a nominal price. We do the most heavy lifting so you can focus your time,
energy and financial resources on selling products - isn't that why you got into business in the first place?
Review this information and then give us a try!


With our professional video production
experience, we can help you create engaging
content that educates and converts into sales
and brand recognition. From script to screen,
we'll help you communicate your message
clearly and effectively, driving traffic from
social media into your shopping cart.

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Installation Video

Functional Introduction Video

Multimedia Release Video


Product photography can make all the difference when making a sale, but it goes beyond simply taking nice photos.
Professional photography involves all aspects and angles of a product, including proper lighting and backgrounds.
Our professional photography helps customers make informed decisions, building brand confidence while creating
a desire for the products being sold.

3D Rendering

Installation Video

Hi-Resolution Detail Shot

Hi-Resolution Monogram Shot


When you choose Orcco Marketing Services,
you have the expertise, creative talent and in-house
resources available to take your projects from boring
to brilliant. Better, faster and more cost-effective.


From concept to production, Orcco's industrial
designers will sketch, render, 3D model, create prototypes
and test ideas to find the best possible solutions to design
a product that meets the customer's needs. In the final
stages of the design process, our industrial designers
will work with mechanical engineers,
material management, and manufacturing to bring ideas
to life through production,
fulfillment and ultimately marketing.

Technical Sketching

3D Rendering

Material Selection

Mold Development


Functional Testing


From retail packaging to e-commerce shipments,
packaging plays a vital role in the customer
experience. More than mere advertising,
packaging can convey features and benefits
that can be the deciding factor to move a
product from the shelf and into the cart.
We have the expertise to deliver start-to-finish
packaging solutions that make products
stand out in a crowd.

  • Package SOP
  • Assembling lnstruction
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Professional COPYWRITING
  • Digital/offset Printable Files
  • Rapid Prototyping